About ‘The Man Who Loved His Cat’



No one says your perfect mate … has to be a primate.

Davey has fallen for Wendy and has decided to bring her home to meet the parents. ‘She’s the most loving being I have ever met,’ he says. Who can argue?

Well, practically everyone after they learn that ‘Wendy’ is a Cat. This bewilders Mom & Dad and upsets Davey in the process. Our off-beat film playfully and subtly explores a ‘non-traditional’ love connection, pushing boundaries of acceptance.

This social commentary is both absurd and an off-beat character study as Davey & company try to define why two beings in love cannot get married. It’s a tale of self-discovery and family acceptance, heavily inspired by marriage equality debates heard often from the right wing, ‘If THOSE people can get married, what’s next? Marrying animals?’

Join Davey’s non-traditional struggle to find true love and himself. Even in non-traditional relationships, life can change just when you think you’ve got it all figured out.